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SRW Strategies provides experienced investigative support to institutions of higher education which may need independent, unbiased external help with Title IX cases. We are ATIXA trained as a Title IX Civil Rights Investigator and have the necessary clearances to work on campus. We work with attorneys from our trusted legal partner who specialize in Title IX matters - who are also ATIXA trained & certified - in order to help ensure adherence to OCR guidelines, and who understand due process rights, standards of proof, evidentiary issues, and to manage risk.   Our experience and credentials mean we can also provide assistance to attorneys representing complainants in these cases or those engaged in defense of Title IX claims.  We understand the serious and often complicated nature of these investigations.

Contact us for details. 

 As of July 1, 2018 SRW Strategies and our trusted legal partner have been added to United Educators list of approved investigators. If you are a United Educators client please consider us for your needs.

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