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Steve Wheeler has over 43 years experience in the law enforcement and criminal justice community and has earned a reputation as a leader in the field. He holds a Master of Public Administration degree from Gannon University, where he graduated "With Distinction" and a Bachelor's degree in Criminal Justice from Moravian College. He has served as head of one of the largest law enforcement agencies in Pennsylvania and as a municipal police chief, and has attended thousands of hours of law enforcement training over the length of his career. He is a graduate of the nationally recognized POSIT, POLEX, and Advanced POLEX police management programs offered by Penn State's Justice & Safety Institute.

Steve sat on the Pennsylvania Law Enforcement Accreditation Commission as a member and is recognized as both an Accreditation Manager and an Assessor by PLEAC. As Chief of Investigations for the Office of Attorney General he successfully led that agency to its first accreditation under PLEAC standards. He also served as a policy board member for MAGLOCLEN, and was appointed to the Deputy Sheriff's Education & Training Board.

Steve has served as adjunct faculty in a college environment where he taught criminal justice classes to undergraduate students. He served as an instructor on law enforcement topics for the Attorney General's Criminal Law Division Academy, and has prepared and presented training for CLE (Continuing Legal Education) credits for the legal profession and CME (Continuing Medical Education) credits for the medical profession, CLEE (Continuing Law Enforcement Education) credits for MPOETC certified police officers, and PMGA (PSATS Municipal Government Academy) credits for elected and appointed township officials. He is the author of numerous articles on law enforcement issues for professional publications, and has been a commentator for both TV and print media on those topics. He maintains professional membership in the International Association of Chiefs of Police, the PA Chiefs of Police Association, the PA District Attorney's Association, the Florida Sheriff's Association, ASIS International, the National Internal Affairs Investigators Association, ATIXA, the PA Association of Licensed Investigators, the Florida Association of Licensed Investigators, and others.

During the course of his career Steve has developed a wide network of contacts at all levels of government and in a variety of fields. He has testified before committees of the Pennsylvania General Assembly on occasion, and has provided high ranking officials with input, advice, and opinion on a variety of public policy issues relating to public safety.

This broad range of expertise & experience will put

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