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We're proud to provide professional investigation and consulting services to the legal profession, government entities, and select corporate clients since 2014.Our work adds value to the things you do for your clients and we specialize in providing support in important, complex, and sensitive matters. Our background as investigators working alongside lawyers in government service and in private practice makes us uniquely situated to understand your needs and to provide results.  We have decades of experience.


In our Investigations Practice we utilize and subscribe to modern technology and OSINT practices and we provide “boots on the ground” support that can’t be found behind a keyboard. We’ve provided services to lawyers who are sole practitioners, as well as to law firms with local, statewide, regional, national and even international practices for their clients in areas as diverse as federal regulatory compliance, judicial disciplinary cases, the energy sector, financial and wealth management, construction, communications, sports entertainment, state and local government, and institutions of higher education.  We've worked discreetly behind the scenes on matters that have been reported by national news media such as Sports Illustrated, ESPN, Yahoo, MSN, and USA Today.    We’ve provided litigation support in a variety of civil matters, and served as independent external investigators in cases alleging police misconduct, as well as background investigators for sensitive public service positions.  Our background positions us to be your best choice for investigative assistance in your white collar defense practice, particularly in cases involving Pennsylvania state courts or regulatory agencies.


We are respected for our professional conduct, ethical operations, and discretion. We maintain membership in a variety of professional organizations and subscribe to their standards.  We are Board Certified as a Professional Certified Investigator  (PCI) by ASIS International. 


We are licensed in both Pennsylvania and Florida.  In Pennsylvania our Private Detective and Private Detective Agency licenses are issued by the Perry County Court of Common Pleas MD-2015-51/52 and in Florida our Private Investigator and Private Investigations Agency licenses are issued by the Department of Agriculture & Consumer Services, Division of Licensing:  A3300018/C3300037. Florida licensing includes reciprocity with California, Georgia, Louisiana, North Carolina, Oklahoma, Tennessee, and Virginia for matters with an origin in Florida. 


In our Consulting Practice we have engaged in operational studies of public safety and security matters for both state and local government entities and have partnered with firms engaged to develop economic and financial plans to help communities in the STMP program study how their public safety agencies fit into that process. We’ve provided training on important topics relevant to public safety oversight to elected and appointed government officials. We always work collaboratively to help solve real life problems and never bring a cookie cutter approach to the needs of individual clients. We can help develop best practice policies and the training to implement them, assist in conducting executive searches for public safety leadership, or just serve as a sounding board or resource for ideas you’re working on!  Sometimes we're who your lawyers call after all those consultants have helped you!



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